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Cleaning Gutters

In order to better prepare you for when you meet with a contractor, here are some common terms and their definitions:

  • Fascia: The flat horizontal surface immediately below the edge of a roof. This board conceals the rafter tails. Rain gutters are typically attached to the fascia.
  • Soffit: The exposed underside of any overhead component of a building, such as. arch; balcony; beam; cornice.
  • Rafter: Roof Beam or Support
  • Eaves: The part of a roof that projects beyond the wall that support it. The soffit and the fasica make up the two main parts to an eave.
  • Gable: The peak of building's side wall. It's the triangular section that fills the space beneath where the roof slopes meet.
  • Downspout: A pipe that carries rainwater from a roof gutter down to a drain or to the ground.
  • Flashing: Pieces of Sheet metal that make roof joints waterproof.
  • Overhangs: The edge of a roof that projects out over the space beneath.
  • Ice Dam: An ice dam is a build up of ice and water that works its way under shingles/shakes. The causes of ice dams can vary depending on who you may talk to. Many homeowners point to frozen or clogged gutters, dark shingles that absorb heat, or low roof pitch.
  • Erosion: The wearing away of soil.