Which Gutter Guards are Right for Your House?

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Water flowing from gutter

Gutters require maintenance. You can expect to have to clean your gutters at least twice a year, especially if you have a lot of trees around your house. There are options out there to reduce the maintenance such as Leaf Guards, Gutter Guards, and Gutter Covers.

What do gutter guards do?

Prevent leaves, twigs, acorns, or other debris from collecting in your gutters allowing the water to fun smoothly through the gutter and away from your home.

What are the different types?

There are several designs of gutter guards. The guards that are permanently attached over the gutters are made of either aluminum or plastic and are available in many colors. Aluminum ones are most durable.

  • Mesh or Screen: The mesh fits inside against the back of the gutter and across the top. It is caulked securely in place. Any tiny debris that gets through it will easily flow down the downspout. This design is easy to install and less expensive than the solid types. It reduces the frequency and difficulty of ongoing gutter cleaning, but does not eliminate it.
  • Solid Cover with side slots: Most of the solid cover gutter guards such as Gutter Helmet and others, rely on the principle of "water adhesion". The water enters the gutter through slots or small holes located underneath a lip or on the vertical side. The leaves and other large debris fall over the edge to the ground. Any tiny debris that remains in the water just flows through the gutter and out the downspout. The natural surface tension of water causes it to cling to the guard edge and flow into the slots.
  • Gutter guard that snap-in and are installed under the roof shingles
  • Guards that Lay rests on roof shingles
  • Gutter Filters: Sponge-like foam "space fillers" that let water drain through but keep leaves and other stuff out

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What is an all-inclusive gutter protection system?

Seamless Rain Gutter System:

Another option is to install an entire gutter system with an integral guard. This method is particularly effective in areas of the country with heavy rainfalls. In these areas, gutters are often sloped toward the downspout and adding guards over the old gutters may be less effective. A seamless rain gutter has a top that is rounded on the side away from your home that hangs out in most cases a little further than the actual gutter (typically 1/8" to 1/4"). The curve allows water to flow into the gutter and out the downspout while at the same time leaves and other debris slide off the top not clogging the gutter.

Protectors for seamless rain gutter are of three basic types:

  • Single vane types
  • Single vane with built in trough sieve openings
  • Louvered systems

The protection system with seamless rain gutter guards against not only leaf accumulation, but also twigs, branches, birds, animals and other debris that can cause clogging or poor function in your seamless rain gutter system.