Want to Protect your Home From the Elements?

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Cleaning Gutters by hand

Inspect Your Home's Roofing

  • Roof: After severe storms you should examine your roof. Water can penetrate and deteriorate the roof structure if there are any missing, worn or broken roofing materials caused by heavy rain or sleet.
  • Roof Flashing: Make sure flashing is in tact and hasn't separated from adjacent surfaces to allow water to leak inside.
  • Ice Damming: In order to prevent ice from forming under snow and accumulating on the roof and overhangs causing water to backup and leak into your attic and home, be sure there is adequate ventilation in all attic and overhang areas. Also try to clear heavy accumulations of snow from the roof.

Other Ways to Protect Your Home's Exterior:

  • Gutters/Downspouts: If you live in a wooded area, falling leaves may clog the gutters and lead to water backup that could damage your exterior siding. In late fall, have all gutters and downspouts cleared of leaves and debris. Or install gutter guards designed to keep leaves and debris out and water in.
  • Grade of Property: In order for water to flow away from the house during heavy rain or snow, soil should be graded from the foundation.
  • Window Wells: Consider installing window well covers over basement window wells to ensure that they are clear of leaves and other debris.
  • Windows/Doors: Apply caulking and weather stripping to windows and exterior doors.
  • Exterior Paint/Siding: Keep track of peeling and cracking and repair when needed.
  • Exterior Drains: Remove all leaves and other debris from exterior patio drains on a regular basis.

Product Ideas to Protect Home From Water Damage

  • Gutter Guards: Add to gutter system to prevent clogs and make sure rain and snow-melt runs freely.
  • Roof Edges: Designed to direct the flow of the water into the gutters and away from fascia.
  • Trim Coil and Flashing: Makes joints waterproof.
  • Aluminum Soffit and Fascia Overhangs: Protect roof and side of house from moisture accumulation.
  • Splashblocks and Flexible Downspout Extensions: Add to existing gutter system to direct rain and snow-melt even further away from the foundation.
  • Gravel: Place where draining occurs to help prevent landscape erosion.